Curfew is a rule that everyone must stay at home between particular times, usually at night, especially during a war or a period of political trouble. That’s what most of the artistic i have come across define CURFEW.

Most Kenyan in my generation just experienced their first official curfew yesterday but it was not for political reasons but for health reasons, CORONA virus. We both understand that dealing with Kenya is very difficult not because they want it to be that way but the system is not streamlined well enough to make them be at home before the curfew time.

The whole world is trying to fight this Corona virus thing through all means possible but the Kenyan way. I think the security forces as just find a better way to show how strong they can be, how fit they are and it doesn’t matter to them to an extended of getting most of the guys out from their personal cars just to beat them up then let them go. Their is a better punishment for those who are found outside after the curfew time is on than to beat them up, right now our security forces are even in a very exposed way of being affected with the virus than any other person in Kenya. A lot of videos going around shows more police are exposed to this virus and with the way they make people seat down in groups and beat them up, they are not helping at all but just putting others who are at home at high risk of contacting the virus when they meet their love ones.

We already have an enemy that is the corona virus, the security forces should concentrate more on the common enemy than to create more enemies among the Kenyans. A lot of hatred is now circulating around but for my surprise it is not for the corona virus but for the security forces extra use of force. I support the curfew but i cant support the brutality involved in making sure that the curfew is respected because its in human. Their is always a better way of getting this done and with the kind the government we have, am 100% sure they can get the best solution and punishment to enforce in the curfew.

We are already in fear and panic of the Corona virus and if we add more panic from our security forces, we are left with nothing but a dying nation.





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