The act of God comes in different form, giving is more fun than receiving because you see how many smiles you are creating in people.

I met brother Edu few years back as a volunteer for Agape Childrens but I thought he is just a retired USA military who is just like me, who wants to give more than to take and the fact that he was from the USA and am from african, I just thought this guy had money to help Africa.

But after his testimony, I shade tears and I saw what God has done to him was a miracle and he will never wish to see anyone suffer and he dedicated himself to helping the children of Kibera.

Brother Edu was a dead man walking after the doctors from the state gave him 6 months to leave after he was found to have cancer. That was in 2015 and when he realized that, his wish was to come to Kenya and expirince the wildlife and go to the national park and at least enjoy life before he dies. When he was in kenya he saw Kibera kids on Facebook and contacted Mr. Wasonga who posted to take him for a slum tour of one of the biggest slums in African, he shade a lot of tears when he saw how people leave in this slum of Kibera and all his plans changed. He prayed to God to add him more time to help this kids of Kibera the best he can and that’s when he received his miracle.

When he went back to the states with his new mission of helping the kids in africa, he visited the hospital and this time round the cancer cells were gone. He was fully healed and since then he has dedicated all his energy in helping Agape Children. God gave him a second change.

Last week he was in Kenya after two years of serious covid travel restriction, God used him to distribute foods for more than 200 families here in Kibera and as one of his close volunteers, I want to live my life giving more and receiving, he is my inspiration.

God works in different ways and I was moved with this testimony that I never knew even after working with him for more than four years now.

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