Kitui county is one of the big county in the ukambani region of Kenya, four hours drive from Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.

Last two weeks my friends and i decided to visit and see how the situation is from the ground and how the Covid 19 situation has affected the people living their. Just like the rest of the world in general, the covid 19 situation has hugely affected the this region and what came to my suprise and was very sad is how the girl child have been dealing with their periods during this time.

In this remote part of Kenya, their was a big number of both young and old girls who could not afford getting sanitary pads and they tend to invent their own means of dealing with their monthly periods. Pieces of old cloths and some kind of soft leaves were the options they have but this never sound good and safe because they were putting their health at risk.

In this centuary and time, i still wonder how sanitary pads are still being sold and its one of the basic needs for our girls while condoms are given for free. Do we value girl child or is just a matter of using any small opportunity to make money while a certain gender in the society still suffer.

We decided to give the little we had bought to them atlest it will last them two to three months but my challenges is for how long will we give them before the government realises as much as we give free condoms to boy child and men, we need to consider the girl child too in giving them free sanitary pads that can help those who cannot afford to buy for themselves.

I believe two hands are better than one and if i can get more people on board i can help distribute more pads in Kitui and its surrounding to get to help more girls in this region especially during this pandemic period. kindly lets share this article on your blog and make a different this 2021 to the girls in Kitui. Thank you for your time <lawremo@gmail.com>

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