Kibera  slums in Kenya is a home to many of us, actually is more than a home. Its part of our life. We have been here for more than decades and i am not sure what will happen in case of a total lock down if it is announced.

The government might not have any other option being that my country’s people don’t take thing seriously like this corona virus issue. We have seen how deadly and dangerous it is to an extend of terrorizing the economy of the whole globe in general.

First world countries with good medical facilities being hit hard and back here home in Kibera we cant imagine what kind of damage it will cause when we confirm big numbers of infections as other countries. We have just confirmed 25 cases and the tension and fear is unbelievable. God protect us.

But the biggest fear of this situation is the total lock down than the corona virus, i will tell you why. Most of the residents in kibera work on a daily basis pay, once they are done at the end of the day. They get their payment, shop for that day’s meal then hope that tomorrow things will be fine just like normal. They earn too little to save for the future and what keeps them going is the spirit of brotherhood and willingness to help your neighbor whenever in need.

They don’t live, they survive and the greatest gift they have is brotherhood. I will give you two occasions.


The above photo is what they undergo when it floods but at the end of the day. They will survive till the rainy season stops. Every day they go to bed hoping they don’t wake up and find themselves drained into Nairobi dam, that where all this water around Kibera flows to.


The second occasion in the photo above looks like its a political rally. No, this is during the summer or sunny season. We experience a big number of houses burning and you can imagine how close the houses are. If one starts to burn, the next 30 households are in trouble and the emergency response can and will never make it their in time because in the slums their is no big roads in between the house, because their is houses in every space that might be available. So just like i mentioned before, the spirit of brotherhood still keeps us surviving because we depend a lot on each other in times of the need.

Corona virus is a very new in Kibera and the world in general, we haven’t experienced it before so we cant tell what is expected us but what we know the contacts are very risky but total lock down am not sure if its something that will also help in this situation because of the type of job most of the guys here do to earn a living. We are not sure about the total lock down yet but in case it happens, we will have life lost in both side. Either by Corona virus that we are avoiding or hunger because of their survival way of life. We trust our government so lets hope for the best and the solution is found that will favor both the rich and the poor and their way of surviving during this difficult period.



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