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LANSDALE, Pa. (CBS) — The feds say a Lansdale man has been using a dead person’s identity for more than 21 years. Authorities got involved after a relative of the deceased used to put her family tree together. A woman was getting information on Ancestry last year and her nephew Nathan Laskoski popped up.…

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By Joe America Let us suppose that the Philippines is engaged in a to-the-death battle between two very different value systems. One is the old ‘me-first’, tribal system of favor and power. The other is democracy with its attempt to engage everyone equally and fairly. Tribal values have the edge in the Philippines today because […]

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Should being an insensitive asshole in public cost you $42,000 plus countless thousands more in legal fees? A decision rendered by the provincial Human Rights Tribunal here in the Province of Quebec earlier this week said ‘Yes’, when it decided that a segment from Mike Ward’s 2009 to 2012 French stand-up comedy touring show ‘Mike Ward s’Expose’ (Mike […]

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A couple of local rabbinical students have taken a fresh approach to the Passover story by re-writing the traditional “Haggadah” in the theme of the musical Hamilton. Jake Adler and his classmate Emily Cohen at first started writing their Hamilton Haggadah in a Google Document just for fun. Eventually, they did it…

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