A deadly Corona virus millionaires in Africa

Most of us have been working extra hard with the current corona virus situation to have a living. Their are a lot of risks involved because you are not sure how you will go back home to your families with the virus or not, but hs this been a major concern to our leaders here in Kenya?

Most of the countries in Africa and Kenya in general we should have reached that momment to say enough is enough. Just few months ago we received free PPEs donation from Jack Ma Foundation and you know what most of us anticipated? How well will this be managed or are the people incharge going to make millions of money from this donation. This is how most of us dont trust our leaders in power even during this hard times of Corona virus.

To our suprise, we now have billions of Corona virus funds donated to help the locals that cannot be accounted for. We have lost lives because of this pandemic and only in my country where stealing public funds is normal and infact it even makes you more popular to an extend of being given.an elected seat to work for the poor people who dont have the connections to steal and will forever be poor. Now funds are missing, tenders have been given unfairly to those who dont deserve them but we still have some people prote ting them which is very strange, when will we make such issues serious and punish those corupt leaders. The laws are their to help rhis act but those who are incharge and have the mandate to do this job are tied up. They have powers that the cant use just because some people are very untouchable in this country.

Western countries have managed to use their money to manage the corona virus situation well but here in my country, it has been business as usual infact very smart business where you get profits from innocent infected individuals donation moneys that are meant to help them. We now have corona billioners from what started as an pandemic in China to a very profita ble business in Africa.  When will we be serious and do the right thing without corruption in this country Kenya.


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