Today i get to interact with my followers and share the status of whats happening in your surrounding during this hard times of covid 19..

  • While i was away, kibera slums in Nairobi recorded more than 200 infected person and still more to be recorded because of the possible contact persons are still unknown.
  • While i was away, Kenya recorded more than 60 death that resulted from Covid 19 infections
  • While i was a way, both the curfew and the lock down time in Nairobi was extended to 30 days more from 6th May 2020 due to Corona Virus.
  • While i was a way, Kenya started recording double digits of Corona virus infected persons in a day
  • While i was a way, Kenya celebrate labor day and Madaraka day online, for the first time in history.
  • While i was away, politics become hotter because the government stated eating his own people who were disrespectful.
  • While i  was away, there was cholera and corona  outbreak in the north part of Kenya that suddenly disappeared
  • While i was a way, the government went against the court order and destroyed the houses of those living in Kariobangi claiming that the land belonged to them living them with nowhere to leave during this covid 19 period
  • And finally while i was away, European Union gave our government sh. 7.8 B to manage the Covid 19 situation which we are not sure how effective and efficient will it be used.

These are just a few events that happened while i was away which i will be highlight more on the details when i get my laptop fixed very soon.



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