We come to this world very innocent and not knowing what it holds for us. Just like the New Year celebration came and everyone was happy welcoming the year 2020. We had plans, plans for development, traveling the world, changing lives, working on new projects, succeeding and many more. Some of us just got new plans on starting a well-paying job but with what is happening now. We can’t predict the future and most of us just wish we go back to 2019 or we can assume 2020 never existed and head to 2021.

Current Kenya is facing tough time just like the world in general but we have three ‘’virus’’ really affecting us but I think two of them are not that popular because it only affecting the poor in the society.

Lately we have had very heavy rains in Kenya and it has left more than 70,000 people homeless and had 164 flood related deaths. This numbers are very threatening and even more dangerous with the rain still expected to continue till the end of the month. This something that we as a country should be able to handle because it’s not the first, second or third time but we have been having floods for years now, no permanent solution has been found till now. If this was to happen in any first world country and the lives of 164 people lost just because they can’t  get permanent solution, someone somewhere in the top government authority would have lost his job for sleeping at work. But in Kenya, the abnormal are normal and the other way round makes sense for most of us too.

The COVID 19 situation has brought the best of Kenyan too, The brotherhood in this country during pandemic is unbelievable. Volunteers including me have been using our connects to raise funds to make sure no household is lacking food to eat, private sectors has also contributed a lot in this and to your surprise the government and politicians also have a hand in this, regardless of tribe. This is one of the normal that looks abnormal in Kenya. A lot of foods have been distributed in the slums of Nairobi mostly, since the lock down of major cities here in Kenya. This the spirit needed all the time and it just made us realize that we are not the problem toward the peace and development of our country but dirty politician are and if you think am lying then kindly remind yourself on what happens before and after every presidential election in Kenya. There you go, you have the answer. Unless we become our brother’s keeper all the time even after the pandemic, we will still have one unrealized pandemic in Kenya called dirty politician virus.

And lastly the COVID 19 situation is getting bad just like is expected, the mass testing is reviling a lot of what has been hidden all this time. My question is how prepared  are we with the mass testing and the stigma it is cause as the government, most people argue that they can live with the virus just like some are living with AIDS and DIABETES among other diseases and still work but they are forgetting its effects on the old aged citizen. The government is doing all it can and for the first time since I started blogging I can say some positive thing about my government, but at this moment we get the opportunity to do it for ourselves and at the end of the day, analyze our model as person if it is working. The government will be there to help but it is up to us to maintain social distance, wash our hand and sanitizer to make it easy for our health service providers to help fight COVID 19.

Last but not least, we are fighting COVID 19 among other internal virus here in Kenya and just to mention a few, heavy flooding, hunger and fear of the mismanagement of the COVID 19 funds. But this all situations has made us more stronger than before because we now realized the spirit of giving more than taking regardless of the tribe and the conflicts we have had before. This  the kind of Kenya we want for the coming generation and we should maintain it even after the COVID 19 situation is gone. All this will be tasted in the coming 2020 election and if we win this, we can also win against bad political virus that affects us after every 5 years. Let’s get a permanent solution to proudly being Kenyan than regretting why am Kenyan.


                                                    GOD BLESS KENYA


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    1. Thank you very for reading my article Jonathan, am very grateful

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  2. We undergo political manipulation like nobody’s business….this is the time to know who our real leaders are….just wait


    1. You are right and it’s getting more worse with more loans coming in to the our government from non governmental organisations.

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      1. How I wish our leaders were more of critical thinkers than working on impulse…..


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