Kenyan and the government at large through different organizations and stakeholders are doing their best to sensitize people on the measures to be taken in fighting the corona virus pandemic, i am sure we will overcome this as a world in general because this a common enemy that is being fought globally.

Kenya happened to have one of the biggest refugee camp, DADAAB REFUGEE CAMP. What are the government plans on their health and the measures taken to ensure the corona virus doesn’t spread inside the refugee camp. unnamed

Corona virus in Kenya  right now is being spread by those guys who don’t have travel history and that means its within us, and anybody can be spreading it now. You never know weather the person beside you have it or not because in Kenya unless someone is severely sick, he will never go to an hospital for treatment.

As much as we are concentrating a lot on the mass testing now within the area highly affected, we should not forget we need to protect the places which haven’t recorded any case of corona virus infection. Am not sure if the dadaab refugee camp is under Kenyan responsibility or the United Nation but what i know is that we might win the war in major places but the refugees if forgotten will be the one to bring us back to zero again so at this moment all the small details are very important to win this war.

I belief we need a strategy to protect and care for those in the dadaab refugee camps with equal measures as we do in a normal Kenyan citizen in Nairobi, Mombasa or even Kisumu among other major towns in Kenya. I cant confirm if they obey curfew there, a measure our government as taken to protect his citizen and if they rules are being followed.

The refugee camp need to be sensitized a lot on the ongoing corona virus and how they should protect themselves and put under serious supervision because most of them ran from their countries because of war, they have seen lots of death and they might take the corona virus very casual which might end up affecting the innocent citizens in future.



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