For many year Kenyan youths have been the target of all politician and their parties in promoting tribalism leave a lone practicing it. We saw this in the 1992 war and the recent 2007 post election violent, as much as politician enjoyed this and few youths that are used in this wars. Many individuals who didn’t support this lost their lives, from children to adults, and do you know what led to this? Tribalism and greediness for political power. Many tribes were displaced in their own country and some lost their lives.

Ke1tribe simply means that Kenya is a one tribe and is focused to ensuring that what happened in 2007 post-election violence is not repeated again in future, under any circumstances. We have observed how everyone suffers when Kenya in general is attacked and we believe that we shouldn’t only feel the pain when we are being attacked by terrorists in our country but also try to unite all the 53 tribes into one tribe called Kenyan.

This Blog will ensure that the message of kicking tribalism out of Kenya is a continues day-to-day activity of any youths in Kenya and that they are not used by those who they employ to work for them (Politicians) no matter which tribe they come from, we will remain strongly united. Youths in Kenya will ensure that their future and the future of Kenyan tribe is not destroyed by selfish tribal lines but connected by one blood of our fore fathers who fought for our independent.

“God bless Kenya”

  1. kutukamus says:

    Hi there. It happens everywhere. Politicians always try to make use of the ever-full-of-spirit yet naive youths to their own advantages (the politicians’). If you’re set to do something about this, brace yourself. It’s quite a long journey ahead. Good luck. 🙂


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