Food Basket in Kibera

At this bad times of Corona Virus, stay at home and stay safe are some of the words we get to hear most of the time but how safe can they stay if they dont have anything to eat when are at home. Food is a basic need and more basic at this time of Covid 19.

That day of the month is here when we decide to give food to random families in Kibera, with the support from our well wishers who wants to remain behind the scene. We thank God and Agape hope for Kibera for the support they are giving to the families in Kibera.

I once challenged by a very good friend of mine when he asked me what I have done to change someone’s life in this difficult times before I started mobilising my friends to this project, one thing that stood up and I will never forget in that conversation is ” You dont have to be a millionaire to start giving and what ever you give will come back to you in a different way and multiples of it,” for sure that has been my testimony because since then we have a monthly food basket that will be going on even after the Corona virus situation is over because I belief in a living and faithful God. More people have join my cause and from different countries in the world and not Kenya a lone.

God bless Kenya

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