Ghetto fire during Corona Virus times

Life in Kibera is a living proof that God exist and will always protect his people. The picture above looks like their is a lot of fire woods but this are the pieces of a house that got burnt to ashes last night in Makina village of Kibera.

Life for informal settlement dwellers is already a challenge at this time of Corona, the people of Kibera depend on well wishers for food donation, water because with the current situation most of them have lost their works and closed their small scales business because of the pandemic. With Kenya recording more than 600 positive cases a day. Life is becoming more difficult now with the reality of the Corona virus now being seen.

More than eight families lost their place of stay and they will be spending the night at a friends place or in the colds for now, few well wishers are helping them find new place to stay, but life will never be the same again because they are going to start from zero now and with the Corona virus at it best now, spreading very fast in Kibera. They are even in more troubles and risk of contracting the virus.

Few of their stuffs that are remaining are not even worth keeping but with the grace of our faithful God, we just keep them in our prayers and gave the little we had but how long will the food we give them last or how safe will they be when they still dont have their place to stay. We are sure they will build again their new houses but how many are willing to give a helping hand at this Corona Virus if they are advice to stay at home and keep distance. God is in control and we prayer they get help fast.

God help Kenya

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