The Effect of Covid 19 on Girl child Education

Since we announced the first case of Corona Virus here in Kenya, a lot of things stopped. The economy, churches and the worst is school being closed. It was safe to keep our kids at home but we forgot to investigate how safe is home for our kids and especially girl child when they are not in school during this times of Corona virus in Africa.

More than three months now and the future of girl child in our society is becoming worse and threatened by big and normal men in the society. More than 50 school going girls are pregnant and till it becames worse, nobody was talking about it. Just recently the government started taking it serious but should we wait till we see our minor school going girls get pregnant thats when we react. Their is someone sleeping at work but who is this person?

When we look at countries like Finland, New Zealand and Germany, they have handled the Corona Virus situation perfectly well. My reasoning is girl child make good leaders in the society. They are brought up to be a good mother from day one when they start learning how to take care of their younger brother and sister, how to be clean and responsible, they are used to pain and when they get in to leadership. They do it from their heart. Why should we, here in Kenya destroy the life of a young girl who can be a good leader or will be a future president in our country.

When we want to get a perfect results in our organization’s, most of the time we do a SWOT analysis and see how to eliminate threat so as to get positive results. Most of the organization that do better they are capable of controlling the threat than being control by the threat. The solution is with the boy child now, we have neglected them in our society and that makes them think that nobody cares about what they do, how they feel and their future. We should creat a father figure to this young men and make them responsible young men during this Corona Virus times. Give them the same attention just like them girl child because they are a pair and one cant operate better when the other one is evil minded. I am not supporting their action but the Corona virus situation just showed us how important it’s good to have equal responsibility in both boy child and girl child upkeep so as to have a well balanced people I the society and especially Kenya. If we do that, we might reduce the rate at which our girl child who are still in school get pregnant and become mothers at a very young age and also irresponsible young boy child become fathers at a very young age too.

God Bless Kenya.

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