Life and education in a broken system during Corona Virus times

My lovely hood, am proud of where I came from. My life in Kibera was not that easy because as much as we might have a lot of advantages to count, their were more disadvantage than advantages.

When Kenya announced the first case of Corona positive virus in Kenya, all schools were ordered to close and the students remained to study at home through online studies. So if you came from my hoods, that’s means you were living in one small room, at a very high risk of contracting the virus because is either your parents are unskilled worker or totally not working at all with almost no savings to count on and also their is high probability that the same room is the bedroom, sitting room, kitchen and soon to be study room if possible.

Most of the school going kids from this hoods totally stopped studying because the money to pay for internet will be probably be used for food. It was really unfair for them because their colleagues were studying for the same exam they are suppose to do at the end of the year while he or she stays at home with no access to online study.

We should stop choosing our leaders on ethnic backgrounds but focus more on the development of our regions because we as the resident of Kibera we have the right to live in a well developed ghetto like soweto in South Africa, have a children online hub inform of a big hall where they can do there online research without payment and community libraries. If this was on place, currently the kids from my hood would be working on there studies as normal school going kids but I think that will not happen soon.

In fact today was the best day of my life since this Corona Virus drama when the government announced that school are closed till next year and that all the kids will have to repeat their classes still in 2021, it shows how our education system in very poor and not up to task but at the same time, it’s fair for those who can not access online studies at this time of the pandemic. One whole year just wasted while if our system were mend earlier without discrimination, we would have handled everything more easier.

God bless Kenya

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9 thoughts on “Life and education in a broken system during Corona Virus times

  1. We pray very hard for that to happen and thank you a lot for your reply. I really appreciate a lot.


  2. I hope you get your education back on track and that you will find hope in a better situation soon. Your photographs are excellent by the way.

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  3. I don’t “like” the post because the situation’s bad but “like” the post because you’re raising awareness. And you’re reminding everyone of the importance of education. And of realizing the situation is going from broken to perilous.

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    1. Thank you very much Sir, God bless you


  4. This is a great post! I appreciate your sensitivity and thankfulness.

    After the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) did a piece on masks I emailed them with a link to this blog. I hope it brings you some readers.

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    1. Thank you very much for being very supportive of my posts, May God bless you a lot.


  5. Praying for everyone in your community

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    1. Thank you very much Mrs. T. We need more prayer more than anything right now. God bless you


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