Life without masks during Covid 19 times in African informal settlements

In the informal settlement or what I call ghettos in Africa, life for this kids are normal and they undergo there day to day activities as usual. To your information, schools are closed and by the look of things and how creative they are, they know their is something called Corona virus but how safe are they?

They are kids and that’s why we expect them to behave like kids without judging them, but what are the parents or big brothers doing to keep them safe. We have had several cases of less than a year kids contracting the virus and that shows that any one can get it so we should take their safety serious.

It has reached that moment we need to give the same serious care to this small kids too the same way we care for the old aged in the society during this Corona virus times. The same way we are protecting our past, the future must be given extra care because we are not sure the side effects that comes with a child who was raised during this time of Corona virus, they might have serious health complications has they grow up.

The photo above show how creative this African kids are so as they grow up coming from Africa specifically Kenya, let help make them healthy and safe at this difficult times, we can creat them masks and ensure they have the safest and WHO certified masks to keep them healthy and safe during this difficult Corona virus times.

God bless Kenya

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