This is a very important topic right now and i have been thinking of writing an article about it for a very long time since the outbreak of corona Virus in December 2019 or some months before as a belief.

Few weeks ago, African in general really condemned two french doctors who were seen suggesting the taste of the vaccine to be done in Africa. Many celebrity and popular figure in Africa and around the world never took this politely and it brought a lot of tension in the media platforms. Harsh words were used to refer to the Frenchmen but that was totally acceptable because different people have different ways to express their anger.

Is there a vaccine to this deadly Corona Virus? That should be a rhetorical question that don’t need to be answered but i will answer it any way. A lot of article indicate that the corona virus as no vaccine and with my thinking, i know that’s right. We have seen articles showing how hard scientist are working day and night to get the cure for this Corona virus but how long should we wait? That’s another rhetorical question that i will not answer this time round.

No countries in this world will allow his citizen to die if their was a solution and with the increasing numbers of death, that a proof enough to show that the solution is not yet found. My favorite countries in Europe and America are recording big number of deaths since the beginning of the deadly corona virus infection and am sure if the world could have a vaccine, they will go first to the countries highly affected before coming to Africa which also raises alarm on the vaccine tasting in Africa. Africa as not recorded big numbers compared to countries in China, Europe and America which is really traumatizing on what the future as for us once we start doing mass tasting. Will it be worse here in Africa? Only God knows.

The only vaccine available right now is to stay home, wash your hands, maintain social distance and another one just introduced recently is to put on your mask in public places, ooh i almost forgot sanitize. It would be better if the vaccine is found earlier than we loose more life because with the current situation, we don’t know who to blame which most of us Kenyan are better at but this time round we are a bit confused.

Will we blame China for introducing the deadly corona virus, or WHO for not been very alert and good at what they are suppose to be best at, or the government for taking this very casual when the first case was reported, or the scientists for not giving their best with the vaccine research and solution to the Corona virus and finally us, the citizens for not taking this situation very serious and keep working as if everything is normal till the time we started recording big numbers of corona virus infections from ourselves as the corona virus careers. What do you think?





  1. I think playing the “name” game on China (for example) doesn’t do any good. It’s just living in the past. We must live in the future and hopefully develop a vaccine to stop it!
    Also, thanks very much for following my blog 🙂


    1. I fully support you, all we need is to develop the vaccine as soon as possible before it cause more deaths.


  2. BE wary of the vaccines, after all this is only a flu virus, check agenda 21 and ask yourself the question

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  3. I hope that Kenyan authorities take this seriously and urgently encourage the behaviours you mention. I don’t know if requiring people to stay home will be workable there, but I know that it has had good effect in Canada. I wish you, and all of us, a good eventual outcome.

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    1. Thank you very much, we are hoping it works here too

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  4. I don’t have answers – but am glad the whole world is working together to fight this

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    1. Exactly, its very encouraging how we can come together as world to fight a common enemy than before when we were fighting each other.


  5. Lorenz, I’ve just noticed that you have started to follow my blog. Thank you. You’ve made me smile and just when I thought no one was taking any notice. Welcome aboard. I hope we can get to know a little about each other as time goes on. Wic.

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    1. Thanks Wic, i liked your informative article. I was just going through it again and fell free to contact me anytime Bro. I am looking forward to it. Make use of my contact page please


  6. You have mentioned in a couple of articles that carona outbreak numbers in Africa are lower then EU, USA, & China; that is very interesting to me; I would be interested in knowing about the numbers there. Many in the USA (& probably elsewhere) wonder if they are being given correct information, or if authorities are either exadurating, or not fully revealing the true numbers. If Africa’s outbreak is less severe, then why? Is it because media is not as present to exadurate the numbers? Or because Africans have greater immunity?

    I think this is a very interesting topic to many.

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    1. I think most of the countries in Europe and other continents have been doing a lot of mass testing compared to Africa because they have the facilities and equipment so i cant say we are immune, we just don’t have the big picture here and my argument is depended on the figures available and been shared. Maybe in the future we will see the real picture as time goes because the number keeps on increasing on a daily basis and we don’t know how bad it will be but we hope for the best. Kenya currently we have 262 positive cases and 12 deaths and more than 11,000 tested and i am forced to believe that we have more recoveries than death and that everywhere even the countries severely hit. I cant tell we are more immune just as the like the scientists can confirm any vaccine available, we just don’t know what the future holds for out poor continent. But i belief we and the world in general will overcome this common enemy very soon.

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