I call this place motherland, Kibera is where i grew up since i was a child and the environment is more friendly, familiar than any part of this world.

During this period of COVID 19, it as been difficult than before. We  have faced more challenges from very savior criminal activities, post election violence, police brutality, cholera outbreaks and more. But we overcame all this and we are still overcoming some of them.[help raise funds for food, contact lawremo@gmail.com]

But with this Corona virus epidermic, this are a bit different and difficult now. We are to maintain social distance which is a good measure to reduce the spread of corona virus, but our house are build very close to each other and how far will we go with washing hands with soap if the supply of water is very rare in this surrounding and if we decide to sanitize our hand, how do we get or buy this sanitizers if what we earn on a daily basis goes from hand to mouth. Most of us here are unskilled workers and they get paid on a daily basis after they finished their work and you know what makes it hard for them is they need to stay home to reduce the spread.All this measures are very good to reduce the spread of Corona virus but the government should look at how to feed his citizens at this difficult times of the year if they want them to stay home.

We thank God so far no any cases of Corona virus infections as been recorded from Kibera and we live in prayers for God to protect us because if we report a single case from here, the tension will be serious and we might loose some of the residents here just from high blood pressure and fear of what’s ahead.

The situation here doesn’t support social distance and hygiene is even worse, am sure most of residents here have other respiratory diseases because of the air they inhale is not very clean and with over a million population here, we might hit above most affected area in this world when Corona virus invade my beloved Kibera slums.



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