If you look at the above image, you will think it was taken some months ago before the corona virus epidermic was discovered. How organized and disciplined they are towards what brought them here as they wait patiently to be served.

To your surprise, the photo was taken yesterday in Kibera as the residents were lining up for the foods donated to them. The government as talked a lot about social distance and i belief their is a lot of campaign here in Kenya encouraging social distance and use of face masks in public place, but its not working.


I don’t blame them, it was charity food distribution activity to the residents of Kibera and because of poor coordination and organization in this slum residence, the field was for only the strongest survive.  Am sure with the own going person to person corona virus infection,  a lot of people here put their family at a very high risk of getting infected in the name of going to fetch them food from the specific charity organization. Unfortunately, two people lost their lives from this unorganized food distribution process and several injured during this struggle to get food.


Kibera slums as a big population and when my friends and i distributed the food we went to door to door. We never manged to reach all the households because we didn’t raise enough funds but at least we never lost anyone in this process, why? Because door to door distribution works better in this surrounding than calling everyone in an open area to distribute food, they will automatically fight for it. [By the way we are still raising more funds for this food distribution process  so kindly contact me through and i will let you know how you can participate or kindly re-blog this on you wall to reach more people, thanks]

My point is i know every organization wants to help those in need of food now with the lock downs and curfews all over and  but their is a better way than risking their life in public places. Whats the need of giving them food then in the process they get affected with Corona Virus then you loose their lives before eating. DOOR TO DOOR distribution will work better here in Kenya if our objective is to keep them stay at home safe and provide for their basic needs and the government is very clear on this.



  1. this breaks by heart🥺 having people to suffer for someone else’s sins should be illegal! thank you for sharing this informative post and for reminding us to always be grateful for what we have🤍

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested☺️ It would mean a lot to me!🥺🤍


  2. I’ve been saying for a long time that it’s a very privileged thing to say you can stay inside until this virus is “over”. People have no concept of what it means to be poor. I fear this scene will be repeated worldwide. Someone mentioned above how farmers are destroying crops. It’s happening because our government doesn’t really care about the poor. They don’t care about the farmers either. All they care about it not getting it themselves and getting richer during this.

    I am sad this is happening to you. I do hope it gets better, but I don’t believe it will.


  3. This is terrible news. The lines at food banks are long here in the US, as well. Unfortunately, normal food distribution chains have been interrupted. Farmers are actually discarding milk and destroying crops because they cannot get them to market…and all this while food banks grow short of resources to distribute to the many who are now out of work.


    1. That’s very unfortunate for destroying food while others really need them, can the government agencies buy them and distribute to those who need them?


  4. Thanks for having time to go through my article, the Kenyan situation is just one of whats happening to the poor in the world right now. As much as we prayer for Kenya, we should also prayer for the world in general because corona virus pandemic as affected the global economy and am sure we will over come it very soon. God is in control


  5. I am so sorry to read aabout this Lorenz. Yes, taking food door to door is the safest way, and you are doing a good job. I am SO sorry to hear of those two deaths and sadly there will be more. It is just awful that the poor will be affected so badly by this. Sadly I cannot give money though I would if I could, but you have my love and my prayers. Dear God please help and look after Kenya. Yes, God is all we have. Keep going Lorenz and keep safe yourself. M


  6. Dear lord, this beggars belief. The poor in every country are the ones suffering most, even more than they usually do. . Thank you for letting people know what is going on

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    1. That is very true, but we keep having faith in God that after the storm we believe we will see the sun shinning again and everything will be back to normal, we are praying hard. Amen

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  7. Oh oh – so sad. Very well put.
    God be with us all.

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    1. only God can help us now, Thanks

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      1. He will. He is the kindest and most loving 🙏

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      2. Exactly, he is the most powerful medicine we can turn to now as we fight this COVID 19.

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      3. Yes. Do read my today’s post


  8. Thank you for reaching out and letting the world know what is going on.

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    1. Thank you for taking time to read, i appreciate it a lot


  9. Informative

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  10. Poverty is the biggest virus… It’s not their fault.. They are suffering for someone else’s sins

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    1. Very well phrases and put Singpiyush6089, that’s the truth. Poverty virus is just not popular because it does not affect the powerful guys in the society like the famous now Corona virus that doesn’t not choose class or money

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