Prevention is better than cure

Sometime in life, we need to be serious with the little detail we get. The government gave instructions to all those who have traveled out of the country to self quarantine for 14 day before you em back on your normal day to day activity then among those who are in this ignorant situation are one of the well respected government official and a priest. They both put their all energy to make sure they spread the virus to the rural part of the country because ignorance is no defense.

This part of the country has a lot of old aged population and as per now, we are in fear that the situation in this places might be worse than Italy. The priest came from Italy and he know how serious the situation can be if it is out of hand and that is what we are fighting as a third world country where even getting medical help is a challenge in our society.


The government just confirmed that the priest is Corona Virus positive and those surrounding him in the picture above are not young people who we will say their immune system can help them fight this virus. Majority are old and retired and that why they stay on this part of the country.

Lets go to a simple arithmetic, everyone in this event got a family and after that they all went home and met their families, along the way they also met with friends and their friends met other friends and the chain continues, what do we expect in this old town of Siaya? i cant imagine how fast this virus will spread to this village if not contained in time but we keep praying and hope for the best.

Ignorant is no defense and God will also help those who can help themselves, we pray the government help to get those who came into contact with the priest and the deputy governor of Kilifi.  But at the mean time, kindly lets keep safe and stay home.


                                    God  Bless Kenya

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