Life Fears again

Life fears again just around the corner in Kenya or simply elections in Kenya. Politician dividing themselves from tribes while other merging the tribes, Not bad but i think THE DIFFERENT IS THE SAME. Kenyan youth are divided again and who knows how politician are preparing for in the grass roots. Are we the youth, or simply the others youths from different tribe being prepared to be sacrificed for the better of their selfish power in form of supporting our tribesmen? Directly from my own surrounding what i hear is “Kitaumana raundi hii, hakuna raisi” meaning it will be tough this time round and who knows what the statement means? Life fears again to the youths and our kids who will be growing up knowing the Kenyan Election trend is the hard way.

Its time the youths stand up and never stop till i see our fellow youths stand up and say, ” this time round show me the development you have made as a politician for you to get my vote……..” That time is now and in this coming election, i stand first. My vote my say and i will maintain peace, not to be used by the politician to cause violence.



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