Leaders fighting themselves instead of fighting Tribalism

For Kenya to develop, our leaders have to concentrate on whats happening in all the 47 counties in this country and the media should play a big role in bringing all this stories clear to both the public and the government. All that is happening and the media is concentrating a lot is the refferandum and the argument between the senator and majority leader, forgetting totally about whats part of the country need help. For instant this story.

The Saturday night attack on businesses in Laisamis by armed morans which saw more than 30 families flee the area. The first group, mainly people who spent two nights out in the cold, arrived in Isiolo yesterday aboard a bus carrying what little they had managed to salvage. Dorcas Gacheri, 28, who has a four-month-old baby, said she owned a small retail food shop but the attackers looted it. “Everything was taken from my shop. I lost goods worth Sh150,000. They even took our clothes; what my child is wearing now was donated,” she said. Damaris Kinyati, 32, was a vegetable vendor but the attackers took all her goods and made away with Sh13,760.

Joseph Kigweta, who owned a shop, said he lost property worth Sh200,000. He added that all business owners who come from outside the area have been affected. “We are all equal partners. We invest and stock up on what they need and even go a step further to ensure that we sell nothing but the best. We therefore do not know why our businesses were attacked,” he said. Mr Kigweta said most of the affected traders were still in Laisamis while others were stranded in Merile after failing to find a way to flee the area. “We spent two nights in the open. Some of us spent the night at the police, AP and DC offices’ compound. We resolved to go back home because our security is no longer guaranteed,” Kigweta said. The traders blamed security personnel for their woes and wondered how such a huge number of armed men could attack a town that hosts a district headquarters and go on a looting spree unhindered. Apart from the traders, teachers and civil servants have also fled the area.


So if Kenyan leader are the one fighting themselves in the public instead of trying to work together in order to bring peace among the fighting tribes in Kenya, when will we develop this wonderful Nation called Kenya. I wish what happened in Narok between the senator and the MP was toward bring ideas on how to fight tribalism than to fight of how strong one is, we would be the best nation in the Africa with all the wealth we have in our land if only we stop the greed those we elect have. All we can ask from our leaders is to bring the nation together first before anything else and talk of development in public than fighting in public because when you fight in the public, it will looks normal to the public to fight and this will only promote tribal clashes that happening now in some part of our country.

                                                       ” God Bless our homeland Kenya”

4 thoughts on “Leaders fighting themselves instead of fighting Tribalism

  1. Sadly, while tribalism is a strength for personal and family survival, it engenders mistrust and division in a country. Enemies use this against us, because, divided, we fall. They divide and conquer, unless we can put our mistrust aside and stand together.

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  2. I am grateful that you are bringing this to the world’s attention. We pray for peace and solidarity.

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    1. Thanks for noticing my effort, am very grateful


  3. Hi Lorenze, please add a Follow button on your site by adding a Widget. I couldn’t locate one.


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