Culture and lifestyle of the of the Taita people

Taita people have since assimilated with many western values and most of their traditional cultures have faded away. Traditionally, one of the most important aspects of Taita tribal culture was male circumcision. Circumcision was considered an important ritual in training young boys, normally aged between 7 and 11 years, to take on more adult responsibilities. Traditional circumcision no longer takes place in most parts of Taita, as many parents opt to have the operation done in a hospital.

One very unique aspect of Taita culture is the respect accorded to the dead. In the past, when a person died, they were buried for a period of about one year, at which time their body would be exhumed. The skull would be severed from the rest of the body and taken to a sacred cave – their “proper” abode with the ancestors. While this is no longer practiced today, the caves where the skulls can still be found are treated as sacred in many parts of Taita.

That just part of what we have to celebrate as Kenya but not use that one to divide ourselves among tribal lines. With all this history we have, the world out their what to know more about our tribes in Kenya and our culture so all we need to do is to use what we have to make our country more productive and economy grow. Say NO to tribalism and YES to cultural celebration.

                                      ” GOD BLESS OUR HOMELAND KENYA”

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  1. Thank you for telling something about your very interesting traditioin, Lorenz! Great to read. Hope you are less involved into the virus attacks, and you stay well and save. Best wishes, Michael


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