As long as we are trying to fight tribalism and becoming transparent on our media stations, journalists should try a way to bring out their stories to the public that will help fight tribalism than just making others feel they are not represented in departments that has power in the country.

According to my grandfather, it doesn’t make much sense to pray for smooth mountains why because smooth mountains are quite slippery making them almost impossible to climb. Wisdom flattens mountains while stupidity turns mountains into deeper valleys. The goat is one of the most stubborn creatures on earth yet in the land of wisdom, the sheep often dies faster than the goat even though the sheep is quite a peaceful and obedient creature. However, the sheep often takes it to the extreme in the hope of pleasing all mankind which is quite impossible. So at the end of the day, the sheep dies without even knowing it while the stubborn goat continues to enjoy fresh air. Extreme obedience is nothing but stupidity and there is no such thing as “respect” in the word “extreme”.

Stupidity kills faster than any weapon of mass destruction. Not even atomic bombs can be compared to the destructive power of stupidity.Some of us here in Africa are very poor. Some of us watch our parents and grandparents die in pain and in sorrow every single day. We work very hard yet continue to die in poverty. Why do we still suffer? We suffer because we allow stupidity to reign supreme in our communities. Some of us carry stupidity up in palanquins on our heads and sing him praises all day and night and still complain at the end of the day of severe headaches and pains in our necks. There is no “racism” in wisdom and tribalism has no place to lay its troubled head in the land of wisdom. Every now and then you hear about tribal conflicts in Africa. why all these tribal conflicts? It is because we allow stupidity to reign supreme within our communities. Can democracy, freedom, and Justice survive in a land where stupidity reigns supreme? The answer is a very big NO.

There is no freedom where the fool reigns, and those who suppose to help others fight Tribalism in Kenya and Africa in general are giving out risky information without solutions to it. Not everyone who reads it will interprate it correctly,but you should have a clear knowledge of where the majority will be. 
                                                                                  “God bless Kenya”



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